Use Scraps To Make A Fabric Necklace

Beth Bradley
Use Scraps To Make A Fabric Necklace

Inspired by Carnival of Venice with an added touch of vintage, this necklace is a ray of sunshine around your neck. Textured fabric and lightness of form are all masterfully juxtaposed to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Take time picking out favorite or sentimental scraps of fabric. Play up color combinations and textures to make a truly memorable piece. 



18 to 25 lightweight fabric strips measuring 3/4" to 1 1/2"x10" to 22"

Serger (with rolled hem capability)

3 cones of all-purpose serger thread

Seam sealant (optional)

TIP: If you don't have a serger, finish the strip edges using zigzag or overcast stitch on the sewing machine.

Sew It

Set the serger to a narrow 3-thread rolled hem. Serge the long edges of each strip.

Begin tying the strip short ends together with a tight double knot to form one long continuous strip, distributing the fabric colors, textures and prints in the desired order.

Evenly trim the tails of each knot. If desired, apply a small amount of seam sealant to the trimmed ends to prevent fraying.

Tie a knot 6" from one strip end. Measure 36" from the knot, and then begin folding and looping the remaining strip length over itself into a bundle, leaving the 6" tail free (1).

image 1

Trim away any excess strip that doesn't reach 36", or tie it to the loose end of another strip within the bundle.

At the opposite strip end, tie the 6" tail around the looped bundle to secure them. Knot the opposite ends into a tight slipknot (2).


Tie the remaining tail into a loop tight enough to securely insert the slipknot when worn. Trim the knotted tail.

TIP: For a glitzy necklace, use sheer or shiny fabrics and decorative metallic serger thread. Or thread beads along the strips at random.


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