Stitch Custom Fabric Bracelets

Sheila Zent
Stitch Custom Fabric Bracelets


Twisted Cord Bracelet

Create a trendy accessory using simple twisted cord.


3/4 yard of 3/16"-wide decorative nylon twisted cord

6" length of 3/4"-wide embroidered ribbon

2" length of 1/2"-wide elastic

Matching all-purpose thread

Clear tape

Safety pin or bodkin

Tassel, hanging bead or other embellishment (optional)

Sew It

Measure and mark 8" from one twisted cord end. Measure and mark 8" from the first mark. Measure and mark 8" from the second mark. Place a piece of tape over each mark and cut the cord through the tape. Place the cord lengths side-by-side with the ends aligned. Stitch across each end 3/4" from the edge.

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Trim away the taped ends.

Cut the embroidered ribbon in half widthwise to achieve two 3" lengths. Fold each ribbon short end 1/2" toward the wrong side; press. Align the ribbons with wrong sides together. Edgestitch the long edges.

Using a safety pin or bodkin, thread the cords through the ribbon tube. Center the tube around the cords.

Lap one cord end 1/4" over one elastic short end; topstitch. Lap the remaining cord end over the opposite elastic end. Make sure the cords aren't twisted; topstitch. Trim the cord and elastic ends close to the stitching. Slide the ribbon tube over the elastic. Topstitch one short ribbon end over the elastic/cord seam. Cinch the ribbon over the elastic to align the remaining short end with the remaining elastic/cord seam; topstitch. Embellish the bracelet as desired by attaching a tassel or bead.


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