Snack Pack

Lucy Blaire
Snack Pack

Make cute party snack holders using simple origami folds. The canvas cups are perfect for holding a variety of yummy snacks. 


Supplies listed are enough to make one snack cup.

10" square of canvas

Thread: brightly-colored all-purpose or serger

Matching embroidery floss

Hand embroidery needle

Fabric inkpad (optional)

Rubber stamp letters (optional)

Serger (optional)

TIP: Make the cups using water-resistant oilcloth to hold fruit slices or use felt to hold non-food items, such as party favors.

Prep It

Serge-finish the canvas square raw edges using a 3-thread overlock stitch to prevent the edges from fraying. Or if a serger isn't available, zigzag stitch the square perimeter. Press the square using a hot, dry iron.

Fold It

Fold the canvas square in half diagonally with wrong sides together, forming a triangle. Designate the triangle folded edge as the lower edge.

Fold up the triangle lower-right corner, creating a 135° angle to the lower edge; press. Repeat to fold up the triangle lower-left corner, creating a 45° angle to the lower edge. Fold down the triangle upper corners to each corresponding side; press (1). Pin the corners to secure the cup.

Snack Cups HT


Sew It

Thread a hand embroidery needle with one strand of embroidery floss. Whipstitch the cup upper edge to secure the folds.

Embellish It

If desired, use rubber stamps and a fabric inkpad to embellish the cup front flap with a festive word, such as "yum" or "mmm." Use the image at TK for design inspiration. Heat-set the letters, following the manufacturer's instructions.  


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