Scrap Happy

Nancy Fiedler
Scrap Happy

Collect scraps of ribbon, trim, thread and any other leftover bits and pieces found on the sewing room floor. Turn the findings into a practical, decorative bowl.

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Coax and mold
I see this as a basket requiring support so I agree: a light rinse in tepid water and keep it in shape as it dries. I'd put a towel inside right after rinsing to mold the finished shape. Press gently on the outside to remove excess water, stretch and mold. Maybe a towel wrapped bowl would work to encourage a shape you like. If it flattens, try redoing the stabilizer and/or finishing with Stiffen Quick. This is different than sewing flat pieces (2D) to become 3D- it may take some coaxing. Check out a >15yo Threads Back Page fully stitched thread bowls- the maker stops stitching when needles start breaking!
Shape while stitching & drying
Try shaping as you go & check out >15yo Threads Back Page fully stitched thread bowls- she stops stitching when needles start breaking! Just keep reforming this lightweight basket & maybe finish with Stiffy?
Scrap happy comments
I read some of the comments about the bowl winding up flat, but you don't rinse ALL of the stabilizer out. If you do, you could use a fabric stiffner or just make some yourself by cutting up some of the Water Soluble stabalizer and putting it into a spray bottle (or even a bowl) with warm water and let it melt then spray or dip your bowl, form it over a glass or plastic bowl and let it dry overnight. It will keep it's shape nicely.
Scrap happy thread bowl
My 4 year old Grandson just made one of these bowls and it was his first "on his own" project. He picked out the scrap threads and the threads to sew it with, the bowl size, and did all the sewing all by himself! I had to put the sewing machines foot pedal onto a small stool so that his foot could reach the pedal to sew. He was SO excited to see the project the HE made! I made some fabric and yo yo flowers and filled the bowl and it is now proudly displayed on our fireplace mantel!
scrap happy
When finished making it flat you couls dip it in fabric starch (full strength) and shap over a bowl or small coffee can. Let dry for 24 hours.
directions might be more complete
thought it was suppose to be lighter weight stabilizer on top...what about the temporary spray glue.. and needle size.. ...was very pleased with how easy your site was to ever!!
problem with directions
The directions say to wash the stabilizer out,but you need to not wash it all the way out so it will keep it's shape when it dries.
keeping shape
I would use a heavy starch to make it's form. I have done this with crochet baskets from fabric to show at shows. They keep their shape nicely.
Not a bowl, but..
Since this bowl will not hold it's shape, I would just leave it flat. A set of 4-6 small ones would make cute coasters, or larger ones could be used as doilies or place mats. Great kids' project, would make a fun teacher gift.
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