Ruffle Treatment

Kate Van Fleet

Dress up your windows with easy breezy ruffled curtains that give instant style to a bedroom or kitchen.


Supplies listed are enough to make one 26"x36" curtain panel.

3 yards of 54"-wide voile fabric (See "Source.")

Matching all-purpose thread

Removable fabric marker

Cut It

From the voile, cut one 26"x40" rectangle for the curtain panel. Cut seven 7"x54" rectangles for the ruffle strips. (If a larger or smaller curtain is desired, each ruffle strip length should measure a minimum of twice the curtain panel width.)

Sew It

Double-fold the curtain panel sides and lower edge 1/4" toward the wrong side; press, and then stitch.

Double-fold each ruffle-strip side and lower edge 1/4" toward the wrong side; press, and then stitch. Fold each upper edge 1/2" toward the wrong side; press.

Set the machine for a long basting or gathering stitch; stitch 1/4" from each ruffle strip upper edge, leaving long thread tails at the stitching beginning and end. Pull the bobbin threads to gather each ruffle strip to measure 26". Evenly distribute the gathers, and then knot the thread ends.

Align one ruffle strip lower edge with the curtain panel lower edge. Pin the ruffle strip upper edge to the curtain panel. Stitch the ruffle to the curtain, following the previous gathering stitching.

Using a removable fabric marker, mark 11" from the curtain-panel lower edge. Position one ruffle strip upper edge over the mark, making sure the strip lower edge overlaps the lower ruffle upper edge by 1". Pin the ruffle upper edge in place, and then stitch. Repeat to pin and stitch each remaining ruffle strip.

Fold the curtain panel upper edge toward the wrong side, aligning the upper-edge fold with the ruffle-strip upper edge. Stitch, following the previous ruffle stitching line (1).


To create a curtain-rod casing, trim the curtain panel upper edge beyond the stitching to 2 1/2". Fold the raw edge 1/2" toward the wrong side; press, keeping the ruffles away from the iron. Pin the folded edge to the curtain panel, keeping the ruffles away from the pins. Stitch along the folded edge through the curtain panel fabric only.

Tip: Vary the number and size of the ruffle strips to create larger or smaller curtain panels. For a longer curtain, cut wider strips; for a shorter curtain, cut narrower strips.


Westminster Fibers provided the Yellow Voile Solids fabric by Free Spirit: (800) 907-3305,



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