Quick & Easy Scarf Project

Ellen March
Quick & Easy Scarf Project

This free sewing project makes it super easy to sew up a fun scarf, perfect for chilly weather. Use fun prints and bright colors to keep you in the spotlight. Follow the easy instructions and make more than one!

Create a unique winter scarf made of interlocking fleece circles.


1/8 yard each of 5 coordinating fleece fabrics

Matching all-purpose thread

Hand sewing needle

Serger (optional)

Sew It

From each fleece fabric, cut four 4 1/2"x9" rectangles.

If using a serger, set it to a 4-thread overlock stitch. If using a sewing machine, use 1/4" seam allowances and loosen the presser foot pressure to accommodate the fleece layers, allowing the fabric to lie flat and not stretch during sewing.

With right sides together, serge or stitch two rectangles together along one short edge. Repeat to stitch together nine remaining rectangle pairs.

Fold one rectangle pair in half lengthwise with right sides together. Serge or stitch the long edge. Repeat to stitch each rectangle pair into a tube. Turn each tube right side out.

Form a loop with one fleece tube by joining the short ends. Insert one raw end into the other, aligning the seams. Fold the outer raw end 1/4" toward the wrong side. Slipstitch the folded end to the opposite end to secure (1).

how to illustration

Insert another fleece tube through the finished fleece circle (2).

how to illustration

Form a loop by joining the short ends. Hand stitch the ends to secure per the previous fleece circle. Repeat to interlock each fleece circle, forming the scarf.

TIP: Use these instructions to create a scarf using recycled T-shirts instead of fleece.


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