Mail Collector

Colleen Exline
Mail Collector

Keep your mail organized in a stylish holder. Use fall-colored or fall-themed fabrics to highlight the season.


1/2 yard each of two coordinating print cotton fabrics

1 yard of heavyweight fusible interfacing

Rotary cutting system

All-purpose thread

1"-diameter hand towel rod

Cut It

Designate one fabric as the lining and one as the outer fabric.

From each fabric, cut two 12" squares. Cut away one 1 1/2" square from each square lower corner (1). 

From the interfacing, cut four 12" squares and one 3"x6" rectangle. Cut away one 1 1/2" square from each square lower corner.

From the outer fabric, cut one 3"x6" rectangle.

Sew It

Use 1/2" seam allowances.

Fuse one interfacing square to each fabric square wrong side, following the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat to fuse the interfacing rectangle to the fabric rectangle wrong side.

Align the lining squares with right sides together; stitch the sides and lower edge, leaving a 4" opening along the lower edge for turning. Press open the seams.

Pinch the lower corners, matching the side and lower seams. Stitch across the raw edges to box the corners (2). 

Repeat to stitch the outer squares, omitting the opening along the lower edge.

Position the lining holder inside the outer holder with right sides together; stitch along the upper edge. Turn the holder right side out through the lining opening. Slipstitch the opening closed. Push the lining into the holder.

Fold the holder upper edge 3" over the outer fabric, revealing the lining.

Fold each rectangle edge 1/2" toward the wrong side; press. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Center the rectangle over the lining on the holder back. Stitch close to the rectangle lower edge, creating a casing.

Insert the rod through the casing. Mount the rod onto the wall where desired, following the manufacturer's instructions.


estminster Fibers provided fabric from the Soul Blossoms collection (Passion Lily, #AB66 & Sari Blooms, #AB57): (866) 907-3305,



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I'm like most people; I need visuals to learn. I would never start making a project if I didn't know what it looked like. Alot of your project's images don't show up. Can you please fix this problem for those of us who NEED pics. Thank you
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