Knit Fabric Flower

Ellen March

Don’t toss the leftover T-shirt fabric from the “T-Shirt Makeovers” project. Transform it into fun fabric flowers!


  • Leftover T-shirt knit fabric
  • 3/8”-diameter ball bead (preferably wood)
  • All-purpose thread
  • Hand sewing needle

Cut It

Download the Knit Fabric Flower Template; cut out. Or freehand draw a 3”-square flower outline on a piece of paper; cut out. Copy the flower at 80%; cut out. Or freehand draw a second flower slightly smaller than the first.

From the excess T-shirt knit, cut one large and one small flower.

Sew It

Position the large flower right side up on a flat work surface. Position the bead along the flower center. Place the small flower right side up over the large flower, centering the bead.

Grasp the bead, folding the flower layers around the bead so it extends slightly beyond the flower (1).

1. Fold flower layers around bead

Bring the threaded hand sewing needle up through the flower center wrong side. Take one stitch through the bead center. Wrap the thread around the bead lower edge twice. Knot the thread through the thread shank to secure.

Hand sew the flower to a shirt upper-edge shoulder area by stitching the flower center wrong side to the shirt. Or attach a safety pin to the flower center wrong side and attach it to anything you like.

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TeeShirt Fabric Flower
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