Hats Off

Kate Van Fleet
Hats Off


Stitch a quick fleece hat in 30 minutes or less. Make matching hats for kids or contrasting hats for the entire family.


Supplies listed are enough to make one adult small or large child-size hat measuring 20”-diameter.

2/3 yard of fleece

Matching all-purpose thread

Cut It

Trim the selvages from the fleece. Cut one 10 1/2”x20” rectangle with the greatest amount of stretch running widthwise.

Sew It

Use 3/8” seam allowances.

Fold the fleece rectangle in half widthwise with wrong sides together. Measure 2” from each lower corner; mark along the sides.

Stitch the sides from each mark to the lower edge.

Clip into the seam allowance at each mark. Clip the lower corners on the diagonal.

Turn the hat wrong side out. Stitch the side seams from each mark to the fold. Clip the corners on the diagonal.

Turn the hat right side out. Fold the lower edge 2” toward the right side.

TIP: Add blanket stitch detailing to the hat lower edge for a decorative accent.


Size Wise

Create a hat to fit any size head.

To decipher the cut width, measure the recipient’s head circumference, divide by two, and then add 3/4” for seam allowances.

For a baby size, cut the rectangle 14” long. Mark the sides at 1”. Fold the finished lower edge 1” toward the wrong side.

For a toddler size, cut the rectangle 16 1/2” long. Mark the sides at 1 1/2”. Fold the finished lower edge 1 1/2” toward the wrong side.

For an adult large, cut the rectangle 22” long.




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so call me crazy
This pattern makes no sense, if is one piece why are you sewing up both side seams? why would you turn the item wrong sides out, you never turned it right side out. And why are you clipping the corner, not corners you should only have one seam.
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