Fabric Book Holder

Jill Case
Fabric Book Holder

This quick sew project is great for a child's room where bed time books need to be within easy reach. Or use a pretty floral chintz fabric in a home decór weight and make one for a shabby chic reading room.

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Materials listed are enough to make one 16 1/2"x26" book holder (8 1/4"x26" when finished). The featured curtain rod is 5/8" diameter. Adjust the rod pocket width as needed to accommodate a smaller or larger diameter rod.

1 yard of home-dec fabric

6"x7" rectangle of contrasting fabric (pocket)

Coordinating all-purpose thread

Double curtain rod and brackets

Two 28" curtain rods

Tip: Use sturdy home-dec fabric to support the weight of hardcover picture books.

Prep It

Install the double curtain rod at the desired height, taking into account the finished 8 1/4" book holder height.

From the fabric cut one 24"x28" rectangle.

Sew It

Use 1/2" seam allowances unless otherwise noted.

Fold each fabric rectangle edge 1/2" toward the wrong side; press. Fold another 1/2"; press, and then stitch close to the second fold.

Fold each long edge 2" toward the wrong side; pin. Insert one curtain rod through each rod pocket. Make any adjustments to the rod-pocket width if necessary. Remove the rods.

Stitch close to the rod-pocket fold from the wrong side.

Fold the pocket edges 1/2" toward the wrong side; press and then edgestitch the pocket upper edge.

Center the pocket right side out onto the book holder front; pin to secure. Topstitch the pocket sides and lower edge, backstitching securely at the upper corners.  

Insert the rods through each rod pocket and hang the book holder onto the double curtain rod.

Tip:  Create a longer or deeper book holder by adding 3" to 4" to the length and width measurements.


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