Easy-Sew Bracelets

Lindsay Conner
Easy-Sew Bracelets

Whip up a cute cuff bracelet to perfectly match any outfit. Use freeform pleats to create quick and easy texture.


2½"x12" rectangle of outer fabric
2"x13" rectangle of lining fabric
¾"-diameter covered button kit
½" of ¾"-wide sew-in hook-and-loop tape
Hand sewing needle
Removable fabric marker

Prep It

Measure your wrist and add 2" to the length, record.
Trim the outer fabric rectangle to 2½"x the recorded measurement.
From the lining fabric, cut one 2" square for the covered button and one strip measuring 1¾"x the recorded measurement.
Beginning at one short end, fold a small pleat into the outer fabric, and then iron in place.

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Continue freeform pleating the bracelet length until the outer
fabric width matches the lining fabric.

Sew It

Use ¼" seam allowances unlessotherwise noted.
Mark widthwise lines 1¼" apart along the outer fabric length.

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Stitch over the markings, securing the pleats. Following the manufacturer's instructions, remove the markings.
Place the loop square right side up ½" from one outer-fabric end, stitch in place. Place the hook square right side up ½" from one lining-fabric end, stitch in place.
Place the outer and lining fabric right sides together, keeping the hook square and loop square on opposite ends. Stitch the perimeter, leaving one short end open for turning.
Turn the bracelet right side out; press.
Turn the opening edges toward the wrong side. Topstitch the opening closed.

Finish It
Following the manufacturer's instructions, create a covered button using the lining fabric square. Hand stitch the button to one bracelet end. e

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