Easy To Sew Scarf

Kim Saba
Easy To Sew Scarf

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1 1/2 yards of 100% cotton gauze fabric

3 yards of pom-pom trim

Matching fine cotton or polyester thread

60/8 sharp or microfiber needle

Polyester fabric dye (See "Sources".)

Dye It

Prepare the dye bath following the manufacturer's instructions. For a deeper shade, immerse pom-poms or fabric for a longer amount of time. For a lighter shade, don't add all of the dye.

Cut one pom-pom off the trim length and add it into the dye bath. Stir constantly for five to 60 minutes, depending on the color desired. If needed, add more dye powder in increments until satisfied. Record the needed dye time.

Repeat to test-dye a 2" gauze square; record the dye time. The 100% cotton gauze fabric will dye at a different rate than the 100% polyester pom-pom trim to reach the same color shade. Gauze fabric takes less time to achieve a darker shade than polyester.

Once satisfied with dye amount time, immerse the entire pom-pom trim into the dye bath; dye according to the recorded time. Once dyed to the desired shade, remove the trim from the dye bath, and then rinse in warm water. Wash the trim according to the dye manufacture's directions. Repeat to dye the gauze fabric according to the recorded time.

Air-dry the trim and fabric.

Sew It

Tip: Tearing the gauze to trim it to size rather than using a rotary cutter or scissors saves time and leaves a nice straight edge.

Press the gauze on a low heat setting. Measure and mark 1" from the fabric short edge along the lengthwise grain. Clip into the mark parallel to the crosswise grain. Tear the fabric along the strip.

Make a small cut through one selvage edge. Tear the fabric along the cut. Repeat to tear 1" from each crosswise grain edge.

Measure and mark 24" from the torn long edge along the crosswise grain. Make a small cut at the mark. Tear the fabric along the cut. Press the fabric.

Double-fold each rectangle short edge 1/4" toward the wrong side; press. Topstitch a scant 1/4" from the fold edge.

Fold the pom-pom trim in half lengthwise; cut at the fold.

Position the gauze wrong side up on a flat work surface. Position one trim length right side up over the one rectangle long edge, extending the trim long edge 1/8" beyond the rectangle long edge and extending the trim short edge 1/4" beyond the rectangle short edge (1).

how to illustration

Fold the trim short end 1/4" toward the rectangle wrong side; finger-press. Stitch 3/8" from the trim long edge; end the stitching 4" from the opposite rectangle short edge. Cut the trim 1/4" from the rectangle short edge. Fold the trim end toward the rectangle wrong side; finger-press. Finish stitching.

Fold the trim long edge toward the rectangle right side; finger-press. Edgestitch the trim long edge from the right side (2).

how to illustration

Repeat to attach the remaining trim length to the opposite rectangle long edge.

Tip: Add length and/or width to the fabric rectangle to create a longer or wider scarf. If widening or lengthening the scarf purchase fabric and trim yardage for the adjusted scarf size.

Tip: To keep the gauze fabric from stretching or "growing," install a walking foot onto the sewing machine and place tissue paper under the fabric during stitching. Or use water-soluble spray stabilizer on the fabric prior to stitching.


Jacquard Products carries polyester fabric dye: (800) 442-0455, jacquardproducts.com.


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