Cozy Hands

Kim Saba
Cozy Hands


Transform a pair of simple gloves into a fancy fur-trimmed accessory to keep your hands warm and stylish all winter long.


Ready-made knit gloves

3"x12" rectangle of faux fur

All-purpose thread

Prepare It

Try on one glove and measure your wrist circumference. Add 1/2" to the measurement; record.

Place the faux fur rectangle right side down on a flat work surface with the nap direction toward you.

From the faux fur, cut two 1 1/2"x the recorded length. Place the faux fur rectangles right side up. Brush the fur so the nap direction is toward you. Designate each upper edge (1).

Sew It

Turn the glove wrong side out. With the cuff right side down, align the cuff upper edge with the glove lower edge; pin (2). Continue pinning the cuff to the glove, stretching the glove lower edge to fit the cuff length.

Select a 3mm-long straight stitch on the machine. Stitch 1/4" from the cuff upper edge, beginning and ending the stitching 1/4" from the cuff short ends. Stretch the glove as you sew to match the cuff length.

With right sides together, align the cuff short ends; stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance. Turn the glove right side out and fold the cuff over the glove; finger-press.

Repeat to stitch the remaining glove.

Tip: Hand-baste to secure all layers for easy mobility during stitching.


Fur Sure

Follow these simple tips for stress-free faux fur cutting:

  • Identify the faux fur natural direction. Brush it in the natural direction before cutting.
  • Use a fabric marker or chalk to trace pattern pieces on the faux fur wrong side. Cut the fur in the natural direction.
  • Use sharp scissors and take small cuts only on the faux fur backing. Never cut the actual fur or use a rotary cutter.
  • Cutting faux fur is messy. Clean the cut edges of excess fur by brushing and shaking the piece outdoors.
  • Comb or brush any fur caught in the seams after sewing to create a smooth fur right side.
  • Don't iron faux fur because it crushes the pile and could melt the fabric.



Baby Lock provided the Ellisimo sewing and embroidery machine:

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