Card Shark

Tara Rex
Card Shark


Stand out from the crowd when you hand out business cards in a creative customized holder.


Two 4 1/4”x5 1/2” rectangles of mediumweight fabric A (holder)

Four 4”x4 1/4” rectangles of fabric B (pockets)

1/4 yard of heavyweight fusible interfacing

4 1/4”x5 1/2” rectangle of fleece or felt

Coordinating or contrasting all-purpose thread

Embellishments (such as buttons & yarn)

Hand sewing needle

Prep It

Cut one 4 1/4”x5 1/2” rectangle and two 4x4 1/4” rectangles from the interfacing.

Fuse the large interfacing rectangle to one fabric-A rectangle wrong sides, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Fuse one small interfacing rectangle each to two pocket wrong sides.   

Sew It

Sandwich the fleece rectangle between the fabric A rectangle wrong sides, aligning the edges; pin. Set the machine to a decorative overcast or zigzag stitch, and then stitch the holder perimeter, making sure the right needle swing encloses the raw edges.

With wrong sides together, align one fused pocket with each unfused pocket; pin. Set the machine to a short, narrow zigzag stitch, and then edgestitch the long edges of each pocket.

Designate one holder side as the right side, and then embellish the right side. To couch yarn onto the right side as in the featured holder, position and pin the yarn as desired, and then zigzag stitch over the yarn to secure. Hand stitch buttons to the holder right side as desired.

Position one pocket right side up over the holder wrong side, aligning one pocket long edge with one holder short edge. Zigzag stitch the pocket sides and lower edge. Repeat to stitch the remaining pocket to the remaining holder short edge.

Finish It

Fold the holder in half widthwise with right sides together; press to create a center crease.

TIP: For extra personalization, hand or machine embroider a monogram on the cover right side.



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