Beat the Heat

Shannon Dennis
Beat the Heat

Stitch a pair of stylish potholders that double as trivets. Use insulated batting to protect your hands and your table from hot pots. Use prequilted fabric to aid in embellishing.


Supplies listed make two 9"-square pot holders

1 yard of prequilted fabric

1/4 yard of insulated batting (see "Source.")

3 yards of 1/2"-wide double-fold bias binding

1/2 yard of rickrack

All-purpose contrasting & matching thread

Cut It

From the prequilted fabric, cut four 9" squares.

From the batting, cut two 9" squares.

From the binding, cut two 38"-long pieces.

From the rickrack, cut two 10"-long pieces and two 5"-long pieces.

Sew It

Align two fabric squares with wrong sides together. Sandwich one batting square between the two fabric squares. Pin the perimeter.

Set the sewing machine to a decorative stitch. Using contrasting thread, stitch over several short prequilted stitching lines through all layers. Position one long rickrack length over one long prequilted stitching line. Using matching thread, stitch along the rickrack center.

Position one binding strip end along one potholder edge with right sides together and raw edges aligned. Begin stitching 2" beyond the strip short edge. At the corner, raise the needle, and then fold the binding strip up and back down over itself, aligning the binding raw edge with the adjacent edge. Lower the needle and continue stitching. Repeat to miter each corner.

End the stitching 1" before the binding beginning. Trim the binding end, and then insert the biding end into the binding beginning. Continue stitching.

Fold the binding edges toward the potholder wrong side.

Finish It

Fold one short rickrack length in half widthwise. Position the short ends within the binding open edge 1" from one corner. Fold the rickrack away from the fabric; pin.

Topstitch the potholder perimeter, catching the binding fold and rickrack hanger in the stitching (1).

Repeat to stitch the remaining potholder.


The Warm Company provided Insul-Bright insulated batting: (425) 248-2424,

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