About our Contributors


Meet the contributors whose fabulous projects have appeared in Sew It All issues 1-8!


Amy Adams: My mum has sewn her whole life and taught me when I was young. I later went on to study weaving and embroidery, and I've been sewing ever since. lucykatecrafts.blogspot.com. Volume 1 project: "On a Roll"--page 40.

Deb Anderson

Deborah Anderson taught herself how to make shoes and owned a business creating custom leather footwear for men, women and children. She's now a multi-media artisan. For more information about her work, visit athousandcanes.wordpress.com. Volume 4 project: "Kiddie Kicks" -- page 94.

Miranda Anderson spends most of her time at her sewing machine. When not stitching, she's often exploring with her husband and two young sons or eating cheese and chocolate. Visit onelittleminuteblog.com to see whatshe's up to today. Volume 7 project: "Triangle Table Runner" -- page TK

Jennie Baer: My mom taught me how to sew when I was about 12 years old. I used to make clothes for myself, but now I prefer to sew home-dec items because they're always a perfect fit. homeberries.com. Volume 1 project: "Set the Table"-page 54.

Sue Barnabee has been designing and writing for Sew News magazine for 30 years. She presents programs for the American Sewing Guild on a wide variety of sewing topics. Volume 3 project: "Fit to be Tied"—page 108. Volume 4 project: "Pucker Up"--page 100.

Susan Beck

Susan Beck has loved creating with fabric, a needle and thread for most of her life. Susan is an educator, writer and editor for Bernina of America. Visit berninausa.com to find free sewing and embroidery projects. Volume 4 project: "Coasting Along"--page 79. Volume 5 project "Zip to It"--page 79. Volume 8 projects: "Serving Strip" -- page 74. Volume 9 project: " Creating Keepsakes" -- page 88.

Lucy Blaire owns Lucy Blaire handmade for which she stitches her own designs. In addition to running her shop, she writes for magazines and books. She lives in Catskill, NY, with her husband. Check out her designs at lucyblairehandmade.com. Volume 3 projects: "Jewel Tones"--page 36 and "Scrap Happy"—page 78. Volume 4 projects: "Book Keeper"--page 50, "Garden Variety"--page 66, "Snack Pack"--page 99 and "Super Bowl"--page 91. Volume 5 project: "You're Invited"--page 121. Volume 6 project: "Look Book" --page 126. Volume 7 projects: "Sweet Savors" -- page 40. Volume 8 projects: "Fit to Sit" -- page 77, "Printed Patchwork" --page 80.


 Nicole Blum is pursuing a life filled with making things. She is the co-author of Improv Sewing. Read about her sewing adventures at ourimprovdiary.wordpress.com. Volume 8 projects: "Cute Combo" -- page 108.

Amanda Bowe is a blogger who enjoys the process of transforming her plain ranch house into a home with DIY sewing, painting and home-dec projects. Follow her progress at ourhumbleabode.wordpress.com. Volume 3 project: "Diagonal Crossing"—page 50. Volume 9 projects: "Do The Duffle" -- page 49, "Stuck On You" -- page 42.

ashley briggs

Ashley Briggs is a former Sew News editor and Alaskan weather girl who now spends her time sewing and crocheting in a small town in Colorado. When not stitching, she can be found working out, walking her dog and blogging at yardageandyarn.com. Volume 8 projects: "For Shirr" -- page 122.

Casey Buchanan, also known as jungrrl, is an administrator for the website craftster.org. She dabbles in many crafts, but she especially enjoys creating fun plush creatures. Volume 3 project: "Owl Pal"--page 116.


Joylyn Buckingham retired from a career in teaching to enjoy her favorite pastime: sewing. No longer a necessity to clothe her children, she now sews and blogs at joysjotsshots.blogspot.com. Volume 8 projects: "It's a Stretch" -- page 114.

Crystal Butler is a freelance writer, crafter and photographer who spends her days knee-deep in bottles, diapers and glitter. Visit her at thelongestyear.typepad.com and crystalbutler.com. Volume 2 project: “Flour Power”--page 76.

Kathy Cano-Murillo is the founder of the award-winning creativity website craftychica.com. Since 2001, Kathy has shared hundreds of free craft ideas, written a syndicated craft column for Gannett News Service and appeared on national television shows. She’s the author of seven craft books, including Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing. Volume 5 project: "Dye and Dine"--page 110.

Louis Carney: I began sewing when I was 12 years old. I later earned a B.A. in fashion design with a minor in interior design. Volume 1 project: "Haute Hostess"-page 50. Volume 6 project: "InVestMents" --page 94.

Peach Carr

Peach Carr is a self-taught designer who launched her first collection of tennis separates soon after appearing on Project Runway, season 8. Find Peach's collection at My Best Friend's Closet in Highland Park, IL, and at peachcarrdesigns.com. Volume 4 project: "Sporty Skirt"-page 56. Volume 5 project "Doggie Diva"--page 114.

Stephanie Chan rediscovered her love of crafting with her DIY wedding. Two years later she became a stay-at-home mom to twin daughters and started her creative blog, sillypearl.com. Volume 7 project: "Good Timing" --page 57.

beth chandler

Beth Chandler is the owner of Elizabeth Chandler Designs, a creative sewing and craft boutique in Greenville, SC. Discover how she's revitalizing the DIY movement at elizabethchandlerdesigns.com.   Volume 7 project: "Picnic Party"-- page 60

Janet Clare: I learned how to sew by watching and helping my mother, granny and aunts. They taught me how to make clothing for my dolls. janetclare.co.uk/. Volume 1 project: "Flower Girl"--page 65.

chris clark

Chris Clark is a sewist, quilter and stay-at-home mom to two busy little girls. She enjoys cooking and creating and has been a dedicated writer since the second grade. She's the president of the Wichita Modern Quilt Guild. Find her on the web at christinajclark.com. Volume 6 project: "Toddler Trousers"--page 105.

l connor

Lindsay Conner is the author of Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to Make with Friends and has designed projects for several magazines. She recently moved to Nashville, TN with her husband and two loveable cats. She blogs at lindsaysews.com and craftbuds.com. Volume 7 project: "Wrist Watch--page 104.

Jennifer Davey works as a freelance designer and lives in Clovis, CA with her husband and three children. She loves sharing her joy for creating with others, please visit bestillmycraftingheart.blogspot.com to learn more. Volume 7 projects:"Pin It"--page 36. Volume 8 projects: "Write On" -- page 40, "Doodle Pad" -- page 68.

Andrea DeHart is a crafty mom of two living in Portland, OR. Check out more of her projects on her blog: craftybitch.com. Volume 2 projects: “Hair Flair”—page 70 & “Tissue Tamer”—page 46. Volume 3 projects: "A Touch of Lace"--page 104, "Belted Blouse"--page 92 and "Tablet Sleeve"--page 48.

Rachel Denbow: I grew up watching my mom make clothes and Halloween costumes for my brother and me. I hand stitched doll clothes in elementary school, and then I learned how to quilt in junior high. racheldenbow.blogspot.com. Volume 1 projects: "Look Who's Talking" -page 83 and "Patchwork Picnic"-page 60.

Shannon Dennis is an author, designer and dedicated omni-crafter. Follow her blog at theninaline.com. Volume 1 projects: "Fresh Produce"-page 87, "Handiwork"-page 59 and "Page Turner"-page 100. Volume 2 projects: “All Wrapped Up”—page 36, “Fresh Coat”—page 41, “In a Cinch”—page 124, “PC Protector”—page 116, “Take Your Place”—page 58 & “Wine & Dine”—page 114. Volume 3 projects: "Beat the Heat"—page 128, "Decked Out Denim"—page 46, "For the Frill of it"—page 56, "Making Waves"—page 107 and "Mug Mat"—page 44.

Dorinda Dombroski: My mom taught me the fundamentals of sewing at a young age. flowergirldesignscollection.com. Volume 1 project: "Feathered Friend"-page 101. Volume 5 project "Neat and Discreet"--page 99.


Jen Eskridge has been quilting for 18 years and sewing for a bit longer than that. She graduated from Louisiana State University in 1998 with a degree in Apparel Design, which she uses daily while drafting quilting and sewing patterns for her company, ReannaLily Designs. reannalilydesigns.com. Volume 5 project: "Houndstooth Handbag"-- page 53.


Elizabeth & Liz Evans are two former teachers who married brothers and now share a name and love of creating. Keep up to date on their adventures at simplesimonandco.com. Volume 7 project: "Bubble Yum"--page 78

Alba Fekete ran her own sewing business for 16 years before becoming a machine company educator who writes for a variety of sewing magazines. Visit janome.com to see some of her projects. Volume 3 project: "All Around Ruffles"—page 68.

Nancy Fiedler: My mother introduced me to a needle and thread to make doll clothes when I was about 4 years old. She taught me how to sew, knit, embroider and craft. Volume 1 project: "Scrap Happy"-page 97.

Cathie Filian

Cathie Filian created, produced and co-hosted more than 100 episodes of the daytime Emmy-nominated HGTV & DIY lifestyle show Creative Juice. She's the author and project designer of four books and has created costumes for films, including RushmoreTwister, Heartbreakers and Vanilla Sky. To learn more about Cathie, visit cathiefilian.com. Volume 4 project: "Petal to the Metal"-page 54.

Dena Fishbein is an award-winning artist, illustrator and lifestyle designer whose best-selling baby, kid, tween, adult and home-dec collections are sold worldwide. Her signature hand-painted designs are featured on various products, including bedding, table runners, place mats, gifts, crafts, books and more. denadesigns.com. Volume 5 project: "Painted Place Mats"--page 83. 

Mary Fons is co-host of PBS's Love of Quilting, along with her mom, Marianne Fons. She's also the creator of Quilty, an online how-to show for beginner quilters that's now a national magazine. Find Quilty the show on QNNtv.com. Volume 7 project: "Block Party"--page 70.

Kathleen Frances is a stay-at-home mother of three lovely little girls. When she isn't chasing them around the house or gathering laundry she’s busy at her sewing machine and updating her blog: grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com. Volume 2 projects: “Divine A-Line”—page 60 & “Haute Hand Warmer”—page 37.

Sara Gallegos has a passion for sewing that she loves sharing with others. She works as a consultant for Pfaff, hosting educational and promotional events for dealers and consumers around the country. Volume 2 projects: “Case Logic"—page 55, “Crumb Catcher”—page 72, “Cuddle Up”—page 56 & “Gardening Gal”—page 64. Volume 5 project "Monster Mash"--page 112. Volume 6 project: "Hang in There"--page 100.

Dianne Giancola: My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 9 years old, and I've been sewing ever since. Volume 1 project: "To Dye For"-page 94.

Tina Givens designs for a variety of media, including paper, giftware and textiles. See more of her work at tinagivens.com or in her book Sew Tina! Volume 2 projects: “Bird Watcher”—page 92 & “Smart Storage”—page 68.

Jess Goldman loves to create and help people discover ways of being creative. Her mom taught her how to sew at an early age and she has been fascinated and loved it ever since. Jess currently designs fabric for Henry Glass Fabrics. Check out her Polka Perch fabric collection at henryglassfabrics.com, her patterns at bananafanadesigns.com and her blog at bananafanadesigns-byjess.blogspot.com. Volume 5 project: "Pillow Play"--page 92.

Lenna Green is a well-known Australian designer whose work typically combines hand embroidery, patchwork piecing and hand appliqué. Visit her blog and online store at littlegreencottagedesigns.blogspot.com and stitchingcow.com. Volume 1 project: "Prairie Home Companions"-page 62. Volume 2 projects: “Journal Jacket”—page 50, “Patchwork Planner”—page 120 & “Pin Pillow”—page 96.

coleman hale

Rashida Coleman Hale has been making things for as long as she can remember. Her love of sewing was rekindled in 2006 when she welcomed her first child. She works as a licensed designer for Cloud9 Fabrics when she isn't writing for her blog, iheartlinen.com. Volume 6 project: "Rock the Tote"--page 128.


Althea Harper appeared on Project Runway season 6 and All-Stars 2. As a fashion designer and entrepreneur, she's known for creating striking silhouettes. Visit altheaharper.com to view her collection. Volume 7 project: Darling Dress--page 92.

Julianne Hazelhurst is an elementary school teacher living in Colorado with her husband and two future seamstresses. Her mother taught her how to sew when she was little and she's very thankful she did. Volume 3 project: "Trendy Top"—page 96.

Debbie Homer began sewing as a child on a family farm in rural Idaho, and is now a Jenny Haskins' Product Educator for RNK Distributing. Visit rnkdistributing.com to find free sewing and embroidery projects. Volume 2 projects: “Car Carryall”—page 89 & “Fringe Benefits”—page 78.

Caroline Hulse lives in Fort Worth, TX, where she leads a creative life of blogging and crafting. Say hello to her at sewcaroline.com. Volume 7 project: Gone to Pieces--page 116. Volume 9 project: "Kimono Cutie" -- page 118.

carol ingram

Carol Ingram is a sewing educator and textile artist residing in Florida. She loves learning new techniques to express her artistic vision. Volume 7 project: "Girl Power"--page 94. Volume 8 projects: "Shawl We" -- page 61, "Color Me Mine" -- page 84.

Kristin Jankowicz: At age 3, I asked my mom to show me how to sew. She hooped a piece of fabric and threaded a needle for me and I stitched little pictures. craftside.typepad.com. Volume 1 projects: "Memory Lane"-page 102 and "You've Got Mail"-page 48.

Sharon Jankowicz: When I was about 10, my mom taught me two embroidery stitches: the chain stitch and the back stitch. In junior high school, I learned how to cut a pattern and use a sewing machine. craftside.typepad.com. Volume 1 project: "Memory Lane"-page 102.

dahl kelly

Alison Dahl Kelly appeared on Project Runway, season 3.  She designs made-to-order party dresses and wedding gowns for her clothing line, Dahl. Visit dahlnyc.com to see her thoughtfully crafted selection. Volume 6 project:"Skirting the Issue"--page 118.

Rebecca Kemp Brent: I earned degrees in clothing and textile design, and now I share my passion for sewing by teaching others. Volume 1 project: "Bead It"-page 47.

Maddie Kertay

Maddie Kertay is the owner of Domestic Anarchy Studio. She speaks at local and national conferences and hosts workshops focused on embracing creativity as a part of motherhood. Maddie blogs daily at domesticanarchy.com. Volume 4 projects: "Just Beachy"-page 82 and "Table Topper"-page 112.

Josephine Kimberling

Josephine Kimberling worked as a textile designer, creating prints for a national clothing line. She launched her first fabric collection with Robert Kaufman fabrics in 2008. For more on Josephine, visit josephinekimberling.com. Volume 4 project: "Got it Covered"-page 88.


Allegory Lanham grew up in Kentucky and discovered sewing at a very young age. She teaches sewing and quilting classes in Atlanta and manages her epic to-do list at athousandneedles.com. Volume 7 project: "Peek-a-Boo" pillow--page 64.

Kelly Laws: I learned by helping my mother and grandmother when they made clothes for my sister and me. My grandmother's natural talent for sewing inspired me to pursue a degree in clothing and textiles. Volume 1 project: "Frill Seeker"-page 86.

Linda Lee is the owner of The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection, a group of patterns for distinctive garments using innovative sewing techniques. To learn more, visit sewingworkshop.com. Volume 2 project: “Push the Envelope”—page 106. Volume 9 project: "Rectangle Skirt" -- page 100.

Marian Lewis taught sewing for more than 50 years and is known for her common sense approach. Visit Marian's Web site at 1ststeptosewingsuccess.com to discover more about her fitting and sewing secrets. Volume 2 project: “Towel Tote”—page 82.

Steffani Lincecum

Steffani Lincecum creates clothing and costumes for life, theatre, film and television. She's the author of Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit and is on the Sewing Machine Project board of directors. For more information, visit stitchcoach.com. Volume 4 project: "Ruffles in the Round"-page 38.

Sharon Madsen is a Midwestern gal who loves dogs, shoes and chocolate. She began sewing when she was 8 years old and hasn't stopped since. she blogs about her sewing adventures at sharonsews.blogspot.com. Volume 3 projects: "Sheer Delight"—page 102, "Summer Sundress"—page 86 and "Tulle Time"—page 62. Volume 4 project: "Belt it Out"--page 84, "Buttoned Up"--page 108 and "Max Out"--page 72. Volume 5 project "Haute Hemline"--page 96 and "In the Mix"--page 108. Volume 6 project:"Short and Sweet"--page 62, "Swirly Skirt"--page 92. Volume 7 project: "Cafe Cutie". Volume 8 projects: "What A Waist" -- page 111, "Show Your Stripes" -- page 100, "Tee Party" -- page 116. Volume 9 project: "Cool Combo" -- page 128.

Joi Mahon is a fashion designer and owner of Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC. She's a past winner of the American Sewing Expo Passion for Fashion contest and is the founder of Baby Lock's Love of Fashion Programs. Learn more about her at dressformsdesign.com. Volume 3 project: "Bubble Skirt"—page 84. Volume 4 project: "Sheer Style"--page 42. Volume 5 project: "Under Wraps"--page 42. Volume 6 project: "Fantastic 4"--page 60.

amy malsbenden

Amy Malsbenden began sewing while living on a farm in MA. In 2011, she founded Ruby Alice Designs, a sewing business focused on custom home décor, upholstery and handbags. To see what she's up to, visit rubyalicedesigns.com. See her project for Sew it All Volume 6 "Seaside Satchel" on page 48.

Erin McKean is a blogger whose first novel, The Secret Lives of Dresses, was published in 2011. Visit her blog at dressaday.com. Volume 3 project: "Shirt to Skirt"—page 82.

Laurie Medford

Laurie Medford is the Expert Services Business Development Manager for Rowley Company. She teaches advanced upholstery classes for Custom Home Furnishings Academy in Charlotte, NC, and enjoys all kinds of needlework from cross-stitching to beading. Visit rowleycompany.com to learn more about her projects. See her project for Sew it All Volume 6 "Nappy Sack" on page 120.

Claire Meldrum is a regular contributor to several sewing and embroidery magazines. Learn about her sewing and smocking designs on her blog at clairemeldrum.ca. Volume 3 project: "Hit the Gym"—page 88.

Tara Miller is a sewing, knitting and crochet blogger who balances her time between her 4-year-old and newborn daughters, two huge dogs, a motorcycle-riding husband and a mountain of fabric, yarn and ideas. Read more on her personal blog, gruenetree.com and her contributing articles on blog.fabric.com. Find her latest project from Sew it All Volume 6, Strappy Style on page 74.

mark montano

Mark Montano is the author of 11 books, including The Big Ass Book of Crafts. He's hosted and appeared as a designer on several televisions shows. Find him online at markmontano.com. Volume 7 project: "Wallet Wise"--page 114.

Sue Morgan: Volume 1 project: "Leafy Greens"-page 76.

Debbie Mumm: I learned how to sew in home economics class in junior high. I began with simple projects, and then made an outfit that included bright pink corduroy hot pants. debbiemumm.com. Volume 1 project: "Into the Wild"-page 106.

Megan Nicolay is the author of Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt and Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband, their cat and piles and piles of T-shirts. To learn more, visit generation-t.com. Volume 2 project: “Wrap Star”—page 80.

sonya nimri

Sonya Nimri has written two books, Beadalicious and Just for the Frill of It, published by Random House. She's worked as a set designer, television co-host and national craft spokesperson. Sonya is also an artist-in-residence at UCLA's Family Commons, teaching art classes to creative souls of all ages. For more information, visit sonyastyle.com. Volume 6 project: "Overall Overhaul"--page 124.

Stephanie Ohnmacht is the creative force behind Stephanie O, a fresh, modern, ready-to-wear line. Stephanie has won top designer awards in Frock Out, Denver’s version of Project Runway and Denver Fashion Group International’s Rising Star in Women’s Couture. Check out Stephanie’s Generation Next pattern line for McCall’s/Vogue Patterns at mccallpattern.mccall.com. Volume 5 project: "Knit Knack"--page 88. Volume 6 project: "Fit to Be Tied"--page 40.

Dolin O'Shea: I grew up watching my mother sew a lot of my clothing and was always interested in what she was doing. I attended fashion design school and have been sewing for almost 20 years. lulubliss.typepad.com. Volume 1 project: "Quick Change: Skirt to Shirt"-page 66.

Ellen Osten has decades of experience sewing and teaching professionally. She's contributor to several Sulky of America books and is the creator of the pattern line, Sew... What's New. Visit sulky.com to learn more about Ellen's latest projects. Sew it All Volume 6 project:"Thread Play"--page 90.

Meream Pacayra is a freelance writer and lives in the Philippines. When she's not beating deadlines, she blogs about sewing, thrifting and tiny apartment living at boredandcrafty.com. Volume 2 projects: “Bouquet Bag”—page 48 & “Ribbons in Bloom”—page 74.

Alicia Paulson: My mom was always sewing, so I picked it up as if learning a language; sewing was just what we spoke. aliciapaulson.com. Volume 1 project: "Hair Care"-page 72.

Melissa Peda

Melissa Peda is a blogger, pattern designer, seamstress, quilter and crafter. She strives to encourage and inspire others to add creativity and color to their lives. For more about Melissa's creative process and projects, visit 100billionstars.blogspot.com. Volume 4 projects: "Barbe-Cutie"-page 76 and "Wash 'n Go"-page 52. Volume 5 project "Fresh Scents"--page 100.

Vivian Peritts

Vivian Peritts is co-owner of Snippitz & Bitz Fabric Concoctions. The Guitar Hero project featured in this issue was created especially for the Ty Pennington Impressions collection by Westminster Fabrics. Volume 4 project: "Guitar Hero"-page 116.

Linda Permann is the author of Crochet Adorned: Reinvent Your Wardrobe with Crocheted Accents, Embellishments and Trims. She’s a crafty dabbler who blogs about her work at lindamade.com. Volume 1 project: "Tee Time" -page 92. Volume 2 project: “Plush Pillow”—page 42.

Tara Rex is the owner and designer of the accessory-cover company taradara. She is also an RN, wife, mother of two boys and transplanted Canuck. Tara loves the limitless creativity that fabric offers and encourages everyone to play and create. taradaramadeit.com. Volume 5 project: " Card Shark"--page 91 and "Off the Cuff"--page 105.

Jodie Richelle graduated high school with the coveted Home Economics award and has been cooking and sewing her way through life ever since. jodierichelle.com.  Volume 5 project: "By the Letter"--page 62.

Natasha Roe is pretty sure that she was born with a hot glue gun in her hand and a sewing machine at the foot of her crib. she blogs about her crafty life with her husband and three kids at 5isthemagicnumber.blogspot.com. Volume 3 project: "Season's Greetings"—page 34.

Kim Saba holds a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She loves to sew, play with her two dogs and collect everything vintage. Volume 5 project: "Bachelor Plaid"--page 122 and "Ties for Tots"--page 124 and "From the Heart"-- page 102 and "True Collar"--page 126 and "On the Money"--page 74. Volume 6 project: "Peplum Rally"-- page 35, "Wrapped Up"--page 50. Volume 7 project: "Collar Me Cute"--page 122. Volume 8 projects: "Layered in Lace -- page 42, "Hue & Me" -- page 44, "Crop Top" -- page 118. Volume 9 projects: "Fast Fixes"-- page 12, "Urban Turban" -- page 62, "Well Contained" -- page 96.


Kristina Saccone lives in Denver, CO, where she teaches sewing and hand embroidery. She writes about crafting on the blog The Nerdy Sewist. Scope out her blog at nerdysewist.wordpress.com. Volume 7 project "Clasp Clutch"--page106.

Marillee Sagat: I learned to sew by watching my mother. She hated pinning and cutting out patterns, so that was my job. I continued to learn in a junior high home economics class where I made a pair of bright red corduroy palazzo pants. Volume 1 project: "Got the Blues"-page 82.

Stacy Schlyer is a self-proclaimed fabric junkie and strives to keep her stash fully stocked. She blogs about her sewing adventures at stacysews.com. Volume 1 projects: "Grocery Getter"-page 84 and "R 'n R"-page 78. Volume 2 project: “H2O at Hand”—page 94. Volume 3 project: "Head Gear" --page 38. Volume 5 project: "Round About"--page 116. Volume 6 project: "Under Wraps"--page 78, "Mother's Helper"--page72. Volume 7 project: "To-Go Box"--page 43. Volume 8 projects: "Fluff & Fold" -- page 88, "It's a Tie" -- page 122.

Aurora Sisneros was a database administrator for 10 years until she and her husband, Simon, decided it was time to pursue her passion and unleash her creativity on the world. Her life-long obsession with Ikea, an addiction to blog-stalking fabric designers and newfound love of hoarding yarn led her to open a modern, fresh store called Fabric Bliss in the Sante Fe Arts District of Denver. fabricblissdenver.com. Volume 5 project: "Everyday Tote"--page 86.


Nicole Smith lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she teaches sewing and pattern making when not working for Etsy. She's the author of Skirt-A-Day Sewing and hostess of styleschematic.com.

Jory Snyder has a degree in Apparel Design and Manufacturing from Texas Tech University. In addition to teaching sewing classes and designing, she teaches high school special education in OK. Volume 2 project: “Portable Potluck”—page 112.

Sunni Standing

Sunni Standing is an avid home sewing enthusiast. She blogs about her passion at afashionablestitch.com. Volume 8 projects:  "Buckle Up" -- page 58.

Ellen Switzer

Ellen Switzer is the sewing blogger behind Sewn by Ellen, and works for an international bridal company in Salt Lake City, UT, as a patternmaker. Visit her blog at sewnbyellen.blogspot.com. Volume 4 projects: "Full Bloom"-page 80 and "Pencil Me In"-page 96.


Julie Tierney was once a competitive snowboarder. She recently created a luxury fashion-forward brand, J.M.F.T Industries after appearing on Project Runway season 9.  Find out what she's up to at julietierneyfashion.com. Volume 7 project: "Puffy Coat"--page 96.

Kate Van Fleet started sewing at a young age darning socks. At age 9 she entered a sewing project into the county fair and was devastated to win third place. The next year her project received first place. She's the former owner of Kreations by Kate, a business supplying handmade pillows to nine stores in five states. Volume 1 project: "Bedtime Stories"-page 98, "Head Rest"-page 42 and "Square Dance"-page 80. Volume 2 projects: “Cute Cardi”—page 52, “Sitting Pretty”—page 102, “Sunny Outlook”—page 62 & “Switch It Up”—page 86. Volume 3 projects: "Daring Diamonds"—page 50, "Hip Strips"—page 50, "Plush Purse"—page 40 and "Shower Sorter"—page 120. Volume 4 projects: "Block Party"-page 46, "Rosy Outlook"-page 102 and "Ruffle Treatment"-page 70. Volume 5 project: "Hats off"--page 64 and "Toasty Toes"--page 65 and "Tie the Knot"--page 66 and "Blanket Bin"--page 76. Volume 6 projects: "Look Who's Chalking"--page 88, "Layers of Lace"--page 46. Volume 7 project: "Ultra Violet"--page 76, "What-A-Hoot"--page 108. Volume 8 projects: "Aim To Pleats" -- page 46, "Piece of Cake" -- page 92.

Katie Vardijan is a sewing machine company educator and works passionately on millinery and historical costuming. Check out her work at luludeuxmillinery.com. Volume 3 project: "Easy A-line"—page 74. Volume 4 project: "Tree Tote"--page 124.

Maru Vasquez: I have an infinite love for fashion. I enjoy creating my own designs from start to finish, just as my grandmother did. I took some sewing classes, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to create things. Volume 1 project: "Do the Shuffle"-page 74.


Pattie Wilkinson always tries to add a touch of surprise to her designs. She's been doing what she loves best, writing and designing, for more than 20 years. Visit ilovetocreate.com to see her recent projects. Volume 7 project: "Traveling Pants"--page 80.


Katrina Walker specializes in working with silk and wool. She enjoys designing projects for home sewists and playing with her flock of sheep. Learn more about her at katrinawalker.com. Volume 8 projects: "Pretty & Pieced" -- page 94.

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the owner of Sew Spoiled, an e-pattern company for the home seamstress. In addition to her shop, she's a blogger who writes inspirational sewing tutorials and pattern reviews. Visit her blog at sewspoiled.blogspot.com. Volume 4 project: "Goodnight Gown"-page 64.Volume 6 project: "Kitchen Stitchin'"--page 54.

photo of vanessa wilson

Vanessa Wilson lives on a five-acre farm in central Florida where she grows an organic garden and sews as much as possible. She tries to live a simple organic life with her husband and two children. Check out her blog craftygemini.blogspot.com for over 140 tutorials. Volume 6 project: "Tank Girl"--page 80. Volume 8 projects: "Sleep On It" -- page 98.

Angela Yosten is a mother of three amazing children and a wife to a wonderful husband who supports her obsession with design. She is the author of Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! and has contributed to many other books. Find several of her designs and tutorials at www.angelayosten.com. Find the project "Tablet Keeper" on page 76 of Sew it All Volume 6.

Sheila Zent

Sheila Zent has been sewing for 35 years and created eXpresSew, a learn-to-sew program for preteens and teens. For more information, visit expressew.com. Volume 4 project: "Support System"-page 114. Volume 5 project: "Out of the Blue"--page 56 and "Around the Block" --page 71. Volume 6 project: "Arm Candy" on page 64, "Secondhand Rose" on page 98 and "Wash and Wear" on page 102 of Sew it All Volume 6. Volume 7 project: "Bath Buddy"--page 88.

Carol Zentgraf is a designer and editor specializing in sewing, embroidery, textiles, painting and decorating. She has written seven home-decor sewing books and designs for several magazines and fabric company websites. Volume 3 projects: "Cardi Cushion"—page 59, "Clever Container"—page 110, "Rainy Day Tote"—page 76. Volume 4 project: "Sitting Pretty"--page 62. Volume 5 project: "Fireside Fluff"--page 44 and "Bling Bag"--page 106. Volume 6 projects: "A Shore Thing"--page 67, "Double Duty Duvet"--page 68. Volume 7 project: "Shower Power" page 74.

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