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Ellen March, Editor-in-Chief

My mother and grandmother taught me to sew at the age of 8. I thank my lucky stars that they did, because I never had an option to take a home-ec class in school. Sewing has been an important part of my life ever since. At age 16, I starred in the Franklin Clay Films educational feature Picking Your Pattern, Fabric and Notions. Upon graduating from USC, I started my own business selling clothing made from original patterns. Then I moved on as the managing editor for Sew News magazine. When I was able to try an embroidery machine for the first time, I was hooked! And now I sew, embroider, embellish, create and write every day for Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beth Bradley, Associate Editor

I’ve loved clothing for as long as I can remember. Even at three-years-old, I had definite opinions on what I wanted to wear, sneaking off to change into my favorite houndstooth skirt right after my mom got me dressed. With such specific taste in clothing, I decided that I ought to learn how to make my own. In high school, I started using money from my part-time job to take sewing classes at my local fabric store. I was hooked! I earned a degree in Apparel Design and have been very lucky to turn my passion into my livelihood, first as a fashion designer and now as an editor. Sewing is a fantastic pastime that’s taken me to New York, London and back again. I love draping and patternmaking, but I love easy projects just as much.

Nicole LaFoille, Associate Editor

I've always had a special place in my heart for fashion. For me, it was less about looking good and more about expressing myself, though if I could pull off both, it was ideal. I started sewing at age 11 because I had big visions in my head of draped gowns and paisley bell-bottoms, but I hadn't really learned how to sew. I hand stitched everything quite badly for a while, until my generous grandmother stepped in and gave me some pointers. I eventually learned to use an old Singer my mom had in the house for decoration and I was off on an adventure all my own. I earned a degree in Apparel Design and consider myself very lucky to have found a career that allows me to be creative and enjoy my passion.

Jill Case

Jill Case, Online Editor

I love sewing, fashion and all things vintage. I come from a long line of home seamstresses including my mom who taught me how to sew on her grandmother's treadle sewing machine.  I started sewing doll clothes for my Skipper who was always fabulously dressed, more so than Barbie ever was.  I soon moved up to sewing clothes for myself and found that there is nothing more thrilling than making something for me! I still don't sew much for others, I'd rather be sewing something I can wear.  I love working for Sew News, Sew It All and Creative Machine Embroidery, to be surrounded by people who are so knowledgeable and creative and love sewing as much as I do has been a high point of my work life.


Sue Dothage, Creative Director

I was raised in the woods by a family of artists, crafters, sewists and do-it-yourselfers. I watched my lovely and talented neighbor sew me pair after pair of knickers and ruffled high-neck blouses (using metallic thread!), which I wore daily. I was always inspired and encouraged to make anything. I studied fine art and graphic design in college, and skipped out on parties for late-night oil painting and sewing sessions. I went on many adventures in strange lands, eventually discovering my passion for magazine design as an art director for travel and fashion publications. I now have the perfect job where I am able to combine my interests into magazines that inspire Sew News, Sew It All, and Creative Machine Embroidery readers. Life is good!

Erin Hershey, Graphic Designer

The whirr of a sewing machine and the crinkle of pattern paper are some of the earliest sounds l remember from spending time with my beloved sewist grandmother as a child. I was one of the only kids in suburban Chicago to sport an intricately handmade wardrobe! Since absorbing those lessons about the joy and importance of DIY pursuits, I've channeled my own passions into creating. Working as a graphic designer affords me the opportunity to be artistic every day. And spending my free time cooking, growing, preserving and traveling link me back to my past and give me a unique perspective to bring to the pages of Sew News, Sew It All and Creative Machine Embroidery.

Courtney Kraig, Assistant Graphic Designer

For the past 17 years I have enjoyed working as a graphic designer and I greatly enjoy the graphic design process. I have an uncanny love for everything creative and crafty, including my favorite pastime- sewing and machine embroidering. Mom taught me how to sew my first pair of shorts at age 12 and let’s just say snow never stopped me from sporting my new wardrobe creation! I was hooked and sewing and crafting have been my passion ever since. Finding this perfect job at Sew NewsSew It All and Creative Machine Embroidery has been a dream come true because I can now bring my two loves together by creating digital artwork designs and combining them with embroidery, sewing and craft projects for everyone to enjoy! 






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